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Danny Charles - August, 30th, 2022 08:57

In June this year, we published our Business Plan for 2021/22.

I mention our Business Plan as it talks about how DVSA will change in response to customer expectations and technological innovations.

In short, we want your experience of DVSA’s services to exceed your expectations. And this is at the heart of our plans to improve the vehicle testing services we offer.

To do this, we will focus on what you need and make our services simpler and easier to use.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been getting ready to start some of this work and wanted to update you about the changes ahead.

Going digital

One of our priorities is to improve how we work with Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs).

Currently, ATF owners do not have live access to data about vehicles and trailers which are tested at their sites. They also cannot view and track their financial transactions with us online.

So, through our vehicle testing transformation project, we’re going give ATFs and other testing customers their own digital account, with live access to this information.

ATFs have already told us that will really help them to manage their lanes more effectively.

Building on our existing work

In February 2020, we provided an app for our vehicle standards assessors (VSAs) which lets them enter test results in real time and record defects digitally. You can read more about this part of the project in a previous blog post by my colleague Gordon Thomson.

In the last few weeks, we reached a major milestone as the 1 millionth test was recorded in the app.

The design features of the app help us to improve the accuracy of test records. This directly benefits test history records and the information which can be viewed online.

Being able to record every annual test digitally means we now have a much richer set of data to use when we develop services (such as Check the MOT history of a vehicle) in the future.

Looking ahead

We will also be working with you to improve the vehicle testing application process, including for individuals and businesses who need to get vehicle approvals.

We’ll provide more details about our progress through regular updates on this blog. You can sign up to get alerts when we publish new blog posts.

We want you to be part of this work and help us improve our vehicle testing services. So, we’ll ask you for your views and invite you to test the products that we’re developing.

You’ll be able to join trade bodies, ATFs and vehicle operators who have already told us they’d like to support this work.

We’re really excited about making our testing services better for you and your colleagues. I look forward to sharing more of our journey over the coming months.

Improving the vehicle testing services we offer

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